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Pro forma CoD business, but last section contains interesting aside about "German women" potentially stirring up trouble amongst Davenport community.
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Danish American writes against the German-American settlemetn of Latimer
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Denunciation of John J. Adams, appointed to state board of defense, signed by "Disgusted Citizen." Claims Adams is a noxious pro-German who would rather than Germany win the war than lose under a Democratic Administration.
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Lauer, pre-Babel, informing on suspicious local German ministers sowing anti-Americanism
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Dawson writes about Blaufuss and his refusal to comply with Babel. He suggests legal, semi-strong-arming means by which to make him.
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Lauer notes the county's bad reputation as a place of many "disloyal remarks" and sentiments.
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Local CoD member gives update. All going well with schools, German Lutheran ministers still quite "obstreperous," however.
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Notes worker at Coal Company who said that, if the US wanted to win the war, it'd take a lot of coal and "our women and children would have to freeze."
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Packer writes about the Lutheran church removing its American flag, the possible perps, and the community reactions.
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