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Letter tells H.J. Metcalf the company plans for permits and loyalty meetings to find customers for the washing machines.

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This is a copy of the letter sent to the Captain of Cavalry from Frances A. Shambough with his findings of an investigation of a sweater story. This sweater story has been told many times and it was his job to find out who made this story as it…
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In this letter, The American Red Cross, more specifically the Director-General of Civilian Relief, is thanking H. J. Metcalf for the cooperation with the Red Cross. The Director-General of Civilian Relief is also asking H. J. Metcalf to send…
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The 4 Minute Men crowd turned down getting Intelligence Courses for Drafted Men of the state of Iowa. The numbers of men from Sioux City, Council Bluffs, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Fort Dodge, Clinton, Burlington, and Davenport who are registered for…
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Reporting on suspicious movements of a "rank German sympathizer."
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Lewis notes brazen German speaking in businesses throughout Fenton.
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Conflating Pro-Germanism with German language, proposes making organization to combat "German Kultur."
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