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Carson writes of recent meeting in Sibley, where a patriotic German spoke against the Kaiser. Carson suggests using him to write something pro-Babel to disseminate to state's Germans.
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Conflating Pro-Germanism with German language, proposes making organization to combat "German Kultur."

Englert Theater advertisement. The Englert Theater, built in 1912 for vaudeville shows, was rebuilt as a modern movie palace in 1926.
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This brief advertisement cites the damage rats have inflected on wartime production and makes use of a patriotic sentiment to encourage farmers to purchase rat proof farm storage from the Caldwell Silo company.
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In this letter, The American Red Cross, more specifically the Director-General of Civilian Relief, is thanking H. J. Metcalf for the cooperation with the Red Cross. The Director-General of Civilian Relief is also asking H. J. Metcalf to send…
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Author notes that all Europeans are foreign to this land and English therefore refused at some point to give up their language for native languages here. Moreover, notes that Iowa only entity outlawing foreign languages.
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Might an auctioneer use German to keep business running smoothly and not encumber German-language buyers
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Illustrated image of a commercial house in McGregor, Iowa in Clayton, County operated by August Budde
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Support for Babel and offer of assistance in Northeast, if necessary.
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German pastors appeal to Governor to reject any proposed bill against language upcoming, citing earlier demographic dangers brought on by "inimical legislation."
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