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Nelson writes to W.E. Hall of the U.S. Department of Labor offering to volunteer to recruit people to enroll for the U.S. Public Service Reserve. Nelson writes from a Davenport, Iowa address.
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Mr. Metcalf writes to the chairman of the County Defense council, where he explains the letter which he has sent to Reverend Bredow. He asks for Mr. Koeberls assistance in making sure this matter is taken care of.
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Carson writes of recent meeting in Sibley, where a patriotic German spoke against the Kaiser. Carson suggests using him to write something pro-Babel to disseminate to state's Germans.
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Conflating Pro-Germanism with German language, proposes making organization to combat "German Kultur."
Der taegliche Demokrat Masthead.pdf

Masthead from Der Taegliche Demokrat
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Vet supports Babel and desires a "man" in each town to see it is "followed and obeyed."
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Response to Davis. Remember, pre-Babel. Here: "as to taking the law in your own hands, that is a question you should not propound to me. As Governor of Iowa, I cannot and will not advocate mob rule. There are times, however, when a little harmless…
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Pre-Babel: Davis asks German communities in Terril and Spirit Lake to stop with all the Germanning. Latter will and former won't. Proposes law to stop "teaching of the German language."
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