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Packer writes about the Lutheran church removing its American flag, the possible perps, and the community reactions.
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Chairman of Republican County Central Committee writes regarding enforcing Babel in German-language parochial schools.

How the war was framed as one protecting humanity from Germany and the warning towards German aliens give some interesting context into how they thought about Germans.

This letter discusses the newspaper role as a propaganda agency for the government, very interest when considering todays media. Also interesting considering the very balant anti-german sentiment seen in many newspapers considering the government…
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Letter from Postville, Iowa regarding local concerns in context of First World War.
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Pre-Babel plea to Americanize German-American communities throughout state, and in Allamakee.
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Informing on disloyalty, overhearing remark: "President Wilson is a son of a bitch a damn stie worse than Villa."
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Wants to surreptitiously check out men in question. They should be "taught a drastic lesson."
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Letter on War issues from Appanoose County
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