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School superintendent "haunted" by meeting with a Marxist, who might even deny the existence of a divinity. Moreover, this was a teacher of history (!).
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Denunciation of John J. Adams, appointed to state board of defense, signed by "Disgusted Citizen." Claims Adams is a noxious pro-German who would rather than Germany win the war than lose under a Democratic Administration.
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Letter from Postville, Iowa regarding local concerns in context of First World War.
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This letter is from the Bell, the Chairman of the County Board of Defense, to Herbert J. Metcalf, dated November 24, 1917. The letter accuses disloyalty in German Lutheran Churches in Ida Grove, Iowa. While he acknowledges that he spoke with a…
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Report of disloyal remarks by Dr. Niemacks, who apparently condones German Army atrocities and rapes. Detailed list of other local pro-Germans.
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