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Chairman of Iowa Council of National Defense, Lafayette Young, writes to the Librarian, moreover librarians across the state of Iowa, requesting books from pro-German sources be removed from the public supply and reported back to the council.

Image of young Augustus Sinning in front of G. F. Eyrich's shoe store, where he worked. Accompanying article tells story of attempted robbery and Sinning's capture of thief.
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Sjaardema wants investigation started into yellow paint on his building.

The Women's Suffrage Amendment The referendum on women's suffrage will take place together with the June 5th primaries, in which voters will nominate candidates for state and county offices for the later November election. Should the measure be…
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From the Chairwoman of the Women's Committee of the Council of National Defense

Women's basketball team of the Northwest Davenport Turners, 1929.
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Minister, named Christian Wolters, remarked from pulpit that "heathens were now trying to make them [Germans] use the heathen language."
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